100 years of experience

In its over 100 years of activity, Wigolen S.A. has repeatedly changed its profile and production technology, responding to new market needs. From flax, jute and hemp processing, manufacturing vicuna products, to modern production of technical polypropylene fabrics, roofing foils and innovative fibers for concrete.

About Wigolen

Wigolen S.A. is a company with over 100 years of experience. Our advantage is the flexibility and speed of reaction to the changing market needs. We offer a wide portfolio of products, including: such as: AGROWIG agrotextiles, WIGOFIL agrotextiles, WIGEOL ® geotextiles, geotextiles, GEOSTAR geomembranes, BetonFIB concrete fibers and other products for gardening and many other industries.


The constant care of experienced and qualified staff allows us to offer the highest quality products to meet the expectations and constantly growing requirements of our customers.


We are always ready to propose a proper solution that meets specific needs of each client.


As a company with a long tradition, we offer you products that have had high customer ratings for years. Experience and knowledge gained over the years allow us to constantly improve and expand the range of our products and to offer them to clients from new industries.

Wide offer

By investing in the latest technologies, we are constantly expanding our offer with new products to meet the expectations of our customers.


A company with an established position on the market with over 100 years of tradition offers stable employment as well as attractive working conditions and development opportunities.

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