• give the possibility of building on weak soils · – they limit mixing of construction layers with adjacent layers of the ground
  • extend the service life
  • they do not decompose, soil and water environment
  • are not toxic and therefore not hazardous to drinking water, people and animals
  • retain their properties at subzero temperatures
  • UV-resistant
  • resistant to organic soils, cement and bituminous binders
  • resistant to chemical and biological agents
  • flexible, wide, easy to assemble, delivered in appropriate rolls


  • Strengthening the foundation of roadsides
  • Construction of the subgrade of tram and railway lines
  • Reinforcement of embankments and slopes on weak soils
  • Construction of parking lots, storage yards, pavements
  • Construction of sports facilities, pitches, courts
  • Stabilization of landslides, protection against active erosion
  • Construction of drainage systems